Of course! We welcome beginners, more advanced participants, and professional photographers alike in our various programs and courses. For beginners, we recommend the Fundamentals of Photography Course.

Any individual who wants to learn photography can enroll in the course.

If it’s possible for you to come and visit us, we are happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you might have.

The course has the right balance of theory and practical. The theory is as important as practical. There is no restriction on the number of practical sessions which you may go through do check out the course contents listed on the website.

It is a good idea after you have learned. But it is not a replacement of a course. A photographer expects the assistant to be a helping hand and not a liability whom he/she has to train.

Depending on your knowledge you may go through the basics faster but it is important to go through the basics sometimes more knowledge is not important, the right knowledge is more important. The course is flexible and lets you go through the basics in a shorter period.

We recommend starting with the Beginners Photography Course for most students, even if you think you know your camera very well. In this course you will learn to use the manual settings of your camera and understand the functions properly. If you have been taking pictures for a long time, but still use AUTO mode, P mode or SCENE modes, the Beginners Photography Course will be suitable for you.

Yes, if you can use your camera in full manual mode, and have a complete understanding of lenses, image quality and size, exposure triangle, depth of field, motion blur and focus. Most students who take the Intermediate Photography Course have completed the Beginners Photography Course, so we’ll expect you to be fluent in the Beginners Course syllabus.

Currently, our courses are available in English and Marathi only. 

If you have a question and would like to reach us please use the following email us at info@theiqacademy.com.