Just like Painting, Photography is an art as well as a craft. As for a painter, the craft side is taken care of by the manufacturers of brushes and pigments etc., in the case of a photographer it is very well taken care of by the manufacturers of the equipment as well as developers of the software and applications etc…

Yes, making use of these ‘craft’ products is indeed an art. Without wasting too much time and energy on this argument, let’s get to ponder a little bit on the subjects which, in my opinion, are so very important for a Photographer but sadly do not get the due attention while learning and teaching Photography. As a result, the students emerge as “Photography craftsmen (or women)” rather than “Photography Artists”. They get too much engrossed in technology and pixel maths rather than techniques.

One such topic is ‘Perspective’. In my opinion, this is a topic that is not paid due attention to during the learning or teaching of Photography. Perhaps the reason is that the concept of the word ‘perspective’ is differently understood by an architect, a painter, a conversationalist, and a draughtsman. Let’s try to understand ‘Perspective’ from the perspective of a photographer.

Very simply put, the perspective control is to determine your View Point (the position of your camera with respect to your subject). Everything else, like the focal length of your lens, your shutter speed, the f/number, the ISO, the white balance, and whatnot, come after this.

The Perspective in photography is the art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface in a way that gives the right impression of their size (height, width & depth), and their position in relation to each other. Perspective makes an object look farther away or closer in relation to other elements in your image. And hence creating an illusion of depth in the scene. Viewpoint and perspective go hand-in-hand in the sense that by changing your viewpoint, the perspective in your picture will change.

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