View Point or Point of View (POV)


Point of view is often the first big choice a photographer has to make before he/she starts shooting. This is a decision that affects almost every aspect of their depiction of the scene or the subject.
In simple terms, it refers to the position and the angle of the camera when the picture is taken. As far as the perspective is concerned, your viewpoint is the most important factor.

Let us take up a simple exercise:
Take a wooden cube measuring approximately about 18 inches on all sides (consider making use of a bedroom side-table). Place it in a suitable position where you can go around it keeping an equal distance and it is reasonably lit by natural light. Now start shooting it from top and after every consecutive shot go on changing your camera position as you go around it. Take at least 50 shots.

The resulting images will give a fairly good idea as to how a little change in viewpoint affects the shapes and perspective. This, in my opinion, is the fundamental concept for a photographer to grasp, as he/she begins their journey to become a Photo Artist.

After this only, we should start looking at the elements of design and the so-called “rules of composition” etc.

So long till the next topic.

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